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Victoria, Canada

With fabulous location situated on the southernmost point of British Columbia of Canada, Victoria is famous for its wonderful landscape and sea that attract millions of visitors worldwide. Victoria houses the numerous families of flora including lovely flower gardens, lush green brushes, and a variety of amazing trees as if it is the Canada’s Garden City located among the picturesque geography of surrounding ocean glittering under the chinning sunray and rolling mountain placed gently in the gigantic area. Moreover, one of the most popular activities of Victoria trips is to experience the international famous whale watching. Visit this superb Victoria and explore this capital city of British Columbia, one of the world’s top ten cities to visit.


Victoria, Canada, Pacific Rim Whale Festival

Get close to the great yet friendly creature in the festival of Pacific Rim Whale when over 21,000 Gray Whale of northward migration come annually for Victoria’s spring for thousands of years. At the coast the Grays come to shallow water and pause for tourists feeding as domesticated animals. Starting in spring, mid Match to early April, this festival never fails to delight any visitors across the world with a number of whales remaining in local water to be feed until return migration to Mexico in October.


Victoria, Canada, Beacon Hill Park

Located along the coast of Juan de Fuca Strait in Victoria, Beacon offers a number of impressive travel spots and beautiful garden including woodland and shoreline, a petting zoo, a playing field, and lush green gardens. Cover 200 acre of land, the beautiful landscape of Beacon garden occupies the colorfulness of native flora and fauna that have been preserved, such as Garry oak, arbutus, camas, and many various kinds of plants. The outstanding view of the Olympic Mountain of Washington is another beautiful spot that every visitor of the park has to visit. In a lazy day, try spending your day in this lash cool garden with your family; it is also a good idea to have a picnic among the beautiful trees and flowers grown in the garden landscape.


Victoria, Canada, Pacific Undersea Gardens

In the City of Garden, tourists can be amazed by beyond the ordinary garden but an underwater one. The Pacific Undersea Garden is ranked among the most visited tourist attractions for any itineraries to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. This large floating vessel leads its travel trips to the underwater world with the fantastic marine lives that show its colorfulness and wonder of amazing creatures. Not only does the creature always delight visitors, but also the vessel itself that constructed with chic style of architecture impresses every person stopping at this tourist attraction. For young visitors, they might enjoy the diver in the window to the Undersea Theater, and the tidal pond where they can handle and get close to starfish and crab. This marine garden is located on Belleville Street in Victoria.